Ellie Russell and Jim Brown win the 2016 HOY Future Stars

08 December 2016

Both add their names to the Future Stars Hall of Fame to sit alongside past winners including Simon Yates, Owain Doull and Emily Kay


The HOY Future Stars Championship was won by Ellie Russell and Jim Brown at the Lee Valley VeloPark last weekend.

Both fought courageously over five rounds of racing to secure victory in front of an excitable London who produced some of the loudest cheers of the night for the youngsters.

The two winners both had very different experiences at the final in London. Russell at the start of the evening was 66 points clear in the Girl’s competition of her nearest rival Anna Docherty in second, which allowed for a comfortable evening and time to celebrate having secured the victory after the first race of the evening.

Not one to take a back seat however, Russell went out and took two wins in tremendous style, “I've learnt at these events the crowd have come to be entertained and the riders are the entertainers - it's not enough to just win, you've got to win with some style,” she said.

Russell also praised her GB junior academy teammate Docherty, saying, “she's a ferocious competitor and when she hits the front the pace always lifts and she's not shy of being on the front. I’m really looking forward to doing some team pursuiting with her next year.”

“I must give credit to Georgia Ashworth not as a rival but my team mate for the Revolution All Stars, she got me out of trouble a couple of times and gave me some cracking lead outs, some of my wins were down to her putting real effort in for me,” added Russell.

Jim Brown on the other hand had a stressful evening defending a narrow 8-point lead in the Boy’s competition to Ethan Vernon in second.

“Ethan Vernon was my closest challenger for most of the series, he rode very consistently and gradually closed the points gap that I had after the first round. We began to mark each other in the last two rounds which meant that we both missed some race winning moves,” said Brown.

He continued saying, “That gave Alex Ridehalgh the opportunity to take some big points, he rode really well in the last two rounds and overtook Ethan in the overall standings. It made for a nervous end to the series with all three of us in with a chance of winning going into the last race. But in the end, I was able to cover the moves and hung on to the HOY jersey.”

Brown ended up winning the competition by a narrow three points to Alex Ridehalgh in the final points classification standings.

Both riders’ names will be added to the prestigious HOY Future Stars Hall of Fame which features riders that have gone on to great things in cycling including Owain Doull, Pete Kennaugh and Emily Kay.

For Russell’s favourite memory from the competition she said, “I have two really, being on the podium in London with Sir Chris Hoy and my team was pretty good but probably my best memory is coming off the track after winning the 6 lap dash with my best sprint of the series in Glasgow and Callum Skinner saying well done to me.”

Whereas for Brown he looked all the way back to Round 1 for his favourite memory, “The first round in Manchester was a pretty amazing night for me. I was really happy to win the first event, the points race. I went into the second race buzzing and just managed to get round the others on the last lap to win again. Going into the final 20 lap scratch I changed my tactics, I knew people would look at me to chase attacks so I gambled a bit and stayed at the back out of sight. I came through in the last few laps and timed my sprint well to take a hat-trick of wins on the night.”

The competition will return in 2017 and we can’t wait to see the next batch of HOY Future Stars.