Kenny coming home with Manchester return

06 October 2017

It began in Manchester.


As a 12-year-old taking to the track for the very first time, Jason Kenny had no idea of what was to come.

One European, three world and six Olympic titles later and Kenny still credits the National Cycling Centre with his success.

“Had this facility not been here I wouldn’t have been a cyclist, it’s as simple as that,” exclaims the now 29-year-old as he ponders a return to racing after a year away from the track.

As he did 17 years ago, Kenny will take a step into the unknown when he returns to competition at the Manchester leg of the Revolution Series, in January.

And he has already settled back into day-to-day life on the Manchester boards.

“I feel like I’m back home – I’ve been here a long time. Full time for ten years but this is where I started my journey when I was 12 years old,” added the man from Bolton.

“This is home and it’s really good to come back here.

“My first Revolutions were all in Manchester – I only raced here to start with, being based in Bolton and not really travelling that much.

“I was really lucky that this was on our doorstep.

“Manchester is special to me because this is where it started. I’m quite strange for a cyclist. I didn’t start on the road, or mountain biking – I did all those things afterwards, but I started on the track because I was local.”

Kenny has trained and raced – with huge success – all around the world during his career.

And while he does not take Manchester and the National Cycling Centre for granted, he admits that it is sometimes a case of not knowing what you have until it’s gone that makes him value the home of British Cycling – and the birthplace of Revolution – even more.

“I think people see it in Manchester when they move here. Anyone who trains here for a long time appreciates it,” he concluded.

“Maybe you don’t appreciate it until you travel away and see just how good we have it here. It’s an amazing facility.

“We’ve got the BMX centre in the same building, the gym, everything we have set up here is perfect for high performance – it’s a massive part of why we’ve had so much success.

“It’s the platform Revolution was launched off. We’ve had World Championships and World Cups here and it pulls a great crowd – one of the best crowds ever.

“It’s not the biggest velodrome, around 3,000 maybe, but it’s certainly one of the loudest.”

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