About Us

Welcome to Cycling Revolution, the place for everything about bikes and cycling. Our mission is to help revolutionize the world of cycling and to give you the most informative guides and the most reliable and non-bias reviews of bikes and related parts, products and accessories.

Whether you are a professional or just a beginner trying to explore cycling, we got the right guides for you. Our comparison tables are easy to read and will give you a quick glance on our top choices.

Our Values

Build Trust

It is our utmost priority to give you a trusted resource for your cycling needs. When we trust each other, we can share our cycling experiences much better and provide better and helpful content.

Learn the Why

We are not always satisfied with what we see and always ask the reasons behind. We lean towards openness and use more data to arrive at our conclusions. This helps provide the most objective answers to our questions.


We strive for the personal growth or our team and our audience. This ensures that we will always have the mentality to influence and help more people in their cycling journeys.

If you have suggestions on how to better serve your needs and improve our website, please don’t hesitate to reach us thru our Contact Page.

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