The Best Bikes for College Students (Reviews) of 2020


Pure Cycles Original Series Bike for College Students

  • Color options
  • Great design
  • Wheel hub

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie for College

  • Flawless design
  • Easy to ride
  • Solid structure

Pure Cycles 1-Speed Urban Coaster Bicycle for College

  • Several mounting points
  • Affordable price
  • Options for accessories

College life is all about being athletic and saving money. While college students are defined by plenty of prominent attributes, we believe there is nothing more prominent than their passion for riding bikes. Riding an aesthetic bike to college is every college student’s dream, as they look for a two-wheeler that does not just get them the physical excursion they need, but also comfortable for longer transits during one specific day.

In this article, we look at some of the best bikes for college students to ride. These bikes come with the best features and will be perfect for your college excursions.

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1. Pure Cycles Original Series Bike for College Students

This Pure Cycles Original Series Bike is the perfect fit for most college students. The bike comes with the use of college students in mind so that they can travel in elegance and comfort. The geometrical frame is in line with the contemporary needs of college students and is super rigid and durable while being lightweight and easy to manage.

The bike has a minimal design and weighs around 22 to 24 lbs. The tires on the bike are perfect and do their job well. The color varieties are absolutely perfect and can impress literally anyone.

You can get a full warranty on the bike, by assembling your bicycle on a professional bike shop. A professional assembly will cost you around $50, but will get you the full warranty that you are looking for.

Why We Like It
  • The bike comes with a wide variety of color options and other frame sizes.
  • The design is perfect and looks aesthetic for all college riders
  • The front brakes are excellent, providing good braking
  • The wheel hub is single-speed and fixed
Our Verdict

We believe that the Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Urban Bike is a must-have for all college students. The bike is easy to ride and is even easier to maintain. The limited warranty can also be extended by assembling your bike at a professional place.

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2. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie for College

The Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie is an excellent looking cycle that college students across the globe can benefit from. The bike resonates with the kind of statement most college students want to set, which is why it is perfect for them.

The design is timeless, and the bike looks even better in the standard black color. The product is premium quality and the construction is durable. The standard Wanda commuter tires do a good job and complement the VP freestyle pedals and the KMC chain to form a full premium combo.

Fixies are good for college use because they offer simplicity and come with an amazing design. The price is also affordable, keeping in mind the premium aspect of the bike, which is why we are all in favor of it.

Why We Like It

  • A flawless design with timeless aesthetics
  • Super easy to ride and have fun on
  • Extremely cheap to maintain and run
  • Solid structure with rigid body

Our Verdict

We believe that the Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie is our best premium pick for college students. The construction, including tires, pedal and chain are all top quality and will last you long.

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3. Pure Cycles 1-Speed Urban Coaster Bicycle for College

The Pure Cycles 1-Speed Urban Coaster Bicycle gives you a minimalistic and affordable mode of transportation that can be used to casually move around the streets with ease. The bike is perfect for getting you to class or any other place in town for that matter. The design for this bike is simple, yet aesthetic and effective, as it ticks all the right boxes. The bike has almost everything you need as a college student and provides excellent value for the affordable price it is available in.

The braking system for this bike works in an unconventional manner. Rather than pressing a handbrake, you have to move the pedal backward. This can take some getting used to, as it is a bit more complex than normal braking systems. The minimalistic design, however, is what draws most college users towards this bike. The frame is also available in three sizes, making it convenient for all types of uses.

Why We Like It
  • The bike has several mounting points across the board for bidons
  • Affordable price tag
  • Great value for price
  • Option to add fenders, racks and crates
Our Verdict

This minimalistic bike may have only one speed but offers great aesthetics to give college students exactly what they are looking for. The design is a hit and will fall in favor with almost all college-goers.

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4. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike for College

The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear packs a lot of goodness in one frame to give you the aesthetics you crave from a single-speed bike. Single-speed bikes are extremely common in college, which is why this bike is one of the more successful models driven by enthusiasts.

The geometry of the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike is outstanding and gives just the kind of perfection you desire as a bike owner. The wheels are tires on the 6KU are amazing and aren’t quickly worn by excessive use. The frame is lightweight and the aluminum finish adds a smooth feel to the bike.

Why We Like It
  • The bike has a gorgeous design and wonderful aesthetics
  • Smooth ride experience
  • Priced below $250
  • Excellent braking
Our Verdict

We believe that the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear fits the purpose college students try to find in the perfect bike during their college life.

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5. Kent Retro 3-Speed Bike for College

The Kent Retro 3-Speed is the kind of bike that every college student dreams about. This is a retro-styled 700C bike that comes with an ideal machine and a luggage carrier for bags and other luggage.

The bike also comes with full fenders on the side, which can come in extremely useful when the weather isn’t good. The upright riding position goes well with the easy mechanism of the bike to give you a light and strong feeling.

The components are high quality and the bike has 3-speed settings. The bike can pick up speed in a manner you want without being difficult to control or maneuver.

Why We Like It
  • A retro styled look for aesthetic purposes
  • Extremely strong internal gears for working
  • Luggage carriers and full fenders installed
  • Cheap for almost all college students to use
Our Verdict

We believe that the Kent Retro 3-Speed offers a good mix of features and speed at a convenient rate. The bike is a bit more expensive than other models, but is still cheap enough for a college student to buy.

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6. Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 College Bike

Schwinn is one of the more reliable and quality manufacturers of bikes in the market. They offer plenty of road bikes and hybrid models for users to buy and enjoy. The road bikes made by this company are strong and powerful. The Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 is a continuation of the high standards set by Schwinn and carries the legacy forward.

The bike is amazingly cheap and high-quality at the same time. The value provided by this bike stands at par with our best value bike. This is practically a road bike, but the hybrid bike handlebars make it perfect for college students to ride.

Why We Like It
  • The bike is available at affordable rates
  • High quality components
  • Schwinn can be trusted as a manufacturer
  • Aesthetic design
Our Verdict

This Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 is in line with all other models marketed by Schwinn and provides excellent value. Besides the not-so-comfortable seat, everything about this bike deserves thumbs up.

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Buying Guide & FAQs

There are almost hundreds and thousands of bike models and manufacturers out there. Knowing the variety in the market, it can be hard for buyers to pick out the perfect bike for their college commute. In this section, we answer some of the questions that you might have regarding the purchase so that you make the right decision and don’t bundle under the pressure.

college students with bicycles

What are the Preferred Types of Bikes for College Students?

While there are plenty of bike types available, we believe that college students can benefit from three in particular. To begin with, hybrid bikes can be a good option for college students. Hybrid bikes allow riders to sit comfortably while allowing the bike to move faster due to the narrower tires. Hybrid bikes make it easy for you to commute to college, even if it is a distance of 10 to 15 miles.

Another option you have here is a classic road bike. Classic road bikes happen to be a lot lighter and quicker than other bikes. The narrow tires and the excellent geometry are what make road bikes great. Finally, the third and last bike on the list is a fixie bike. Fixie bikes happen to be easy to ride and can be recalled if you have watched the thriller ‘Premium Rush’. Fixie bikes are also used by many courier deliverers in the United States, which is why they are quite commonly seen on the roads.

Should you buy a new or used bike for college use?

Once you have decided on the type of bike you want to buy for yourself, the next question is to choose between new or used bikes. College students often do not have the cash for a new bike, which is why they prefer used bikes. However, let us warn you that used bikes come with a lot of problems and future headaches.

Many newer models are available at convenient rates under $250, which is why you can save money by opting for them, rather than getting a used bike.

Which Bike Frame is more suited for College Students?

Most bike frames are made out of carbon, aluminum and steel. Carbon happens to be the best material out of the lot for bike frames, because of how it can influence speed and versatility. Since bikes with carbon frames happen to be really expensive, you can cut them off. Aluminum bike frames are perfectly suited for college students, because they happen to be fit and sturdy, without being too heavy.

How important is the Bike Fit?  

Regardless of whether you are a college student or not, you should consider the fit of your bike before buying one. By fit, we mean that the bike should be adjusted to your size, your height and your body frame. Without the right frame, you put yourself at risk of falling over and hurting yourself.

Even if you buy your bike online, make sure that you get a professional fit that is easy to ride and does not lead to accidents on the road. 

Final Words

Having reached the end of the article, we now expect you to be a lot more proficient when it comes to the best bikes for college. We will now repeat our top three picks to embolden the information in your head:

  • Our Top Pick: The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Urban is our top pick because of the exemplary structure and the quality of the materials involved.
  • Our Premium Pick: The Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie is our premium pick because of the amazing frame and aesthetics, along with quality pedals, chain and tires.
  • Our Best Value Pick: The Pure Cycles 1-Speed Urban Coaster Bicycle is our best value pick for an affordable price for a quality bike.
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