Best Giant Mountain Bikes (Reviews) of 2020


Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29-1 Mountain Bike


Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29-1 Mountain Bike


Giant Talon 29-1 Mountain Bike

Giant mountain bikes are more than just performance bikes with a good frame. These bikes offer excellent suspension and features for bossing steep terrains.

The Giant Manufacturing Company in Taiwan is the proud manufacturer of some of the best mountain bikes in the United States today. Bikes manufactured by Giant offer the perfect amalgam of finesse, style and performance. While Giant sells all kinds of bikes, we will look at 5 of their best mountain bikes in this article. Stick with us as we shortlist and review the best Giant mountain bikes.

Reviews of the Best Giant Mountain Bikes


1. Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29-1 Mountain Bike

The Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1 is one of the best products on offer by Giant today. This cross-country race bike is meant to rocket over single tracks, which is what makes this a dream for mountain riders. This bike generates its power through its amazing carbon frame and the high performance features that it boasts.

The Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1 comes with a carbon frame, a 100 mm Fox 32 Performance Elite fork, a Maestro suspension with 90mm rear wheel travel, a Fox Float DPS elite performance shock and amazing carbon XCR 29 inch wheels. This mountain bike packs some of the best features and components on offer to help you pedal away from all your competitors. The Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1 can even be enjoyed during casual mountain hikes, as you can smoothly pedal away with help from its amazing suspension and shock system.


2. Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29-1 Mountain Bike

The 2019 Trance Advanced Pro 29-1 is simply one of the best mountain bikes in town. The bike has all the latest components and is definitely packed with premium features for an excellent riding experience. This new version of the Trance Advanced series adds some new components by upgrading from a SRAM GX Eagle drive train to a Shimano XT-12 drive train. While the suspension comes with 115mm of rear travel, the slack head angle and long reach ensure that the bike can be ridden as it has a rear travel of 160 mm.

This bike offers you the snappiness and performance of a cross-country bike, without compromising on weight or features. The 115mm frame and 130mm fork are testimony to Giant’s status as one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers. With decent drive train and good tire performance, this is the bike you need to go on cross country adventures.

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This Trance Advanced Pro 29-1 is surely one of the most premium products on offer by Giant. The bike packs all decent features in one place and provides spectacular performance on the road, making it our best premium pick.

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3. Giant Talon 29-1 Mountain Bike

The Talon 29-1 is a hard tail bike that is primarily meant for beginners trying their luck at steep mountain rides. This hard tail bike is excellent for riders looking to try their hand at racing across the country and dirt-curious riders wanting to explore single track options. This model was newly updated by Giant and comes with upgrades and changes including the SXC32-2 RL suspension fork (100 mm) made by Giant itself, more rugged and wider tires, updated geometry that is the new norm at Giant today and a 1×10 speed drive train.

The new frame for this bike is also compatible with speed riding, since it works well with internally routed dropper posts. Just like the Trek Marlin 7, the Talon 29-1 is equally suited for recreational traveling, as it is for entry-level racing. The lower stack and shorter reach make this bike perfect for drivers that want a more comfortable and upright riding position.

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4. Giant Stance 29-2 Mountain Bike

We loved the original Stance 29 that came out with 27.5 inch wheels, but we are even more stoked to see how Giant is now offering the Stance 29-2 with even smoother 29-inch wheels. The upgraded geometry helps with the larger wheels, as the bike retains its FlexPoint rear-suspension system and the Alux aluminum frame. The Stance 29-2 is a low-cost full suspension bike that offers smoothness and adventure in your riding experience.

This mountain bike comes with a 120mm shock, 1×12 drive train, a 130mm fork and tubeless tires that measure 2.35 inches and can bite hard into the trail. This bike rides better than any other option in this price range, let alone others that cost a lot more. The suspension cuts out the impact from gravel and rocks, ensuring that you have a smooth ride without any bumps on the way.

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Giant’s Stance 29-2 is surely a mountain bike you should consider. The frame is sturdy and the tires are a delight to look at. Also, the excellent suspension takes out the bumps you usually experience while riding across trails.

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5. Giant XTC Advanced 29-3 Mountain Bike

The XTC Advanced 29-3 delivers optimal ride quality and maximum efficiency on fast single tracks. This will prove to be a great addition for your off-road marathon, your weekly race series or just for casually burning through your local XC trails. The large diameter 29-inch wheels work well with the lightweight Advanced-grade composite frame to offer you a smooth riding experience.

The frameset comes with a 100mm fork and offers the perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio. As a result of these exceptional features, you get a bike that just doesn’t scoot past steep climbs, but also adds to your confidence on flowy single tracks. The Boost hub spacing improves wheel stiffness and ensures that the impact from bumps and stones is mitigated. The advanced-grade frameset offers riders the advantage they need for accelerating and climbing. The frame is engineered to increase the efficiency of pedaling power and to also improve handling on trails.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Things to Consider When Buying a Giant Mountain Bike?

There are certain before buying a Giant mountain bike of your own. To begin with, you should study the tire size, the drive train, suspension quality, frame quality and the rims. All of these features make a decent mountain bike.


How Much Does a Giant Mountain Bike Cost?

Giant mountain bikes cost upwards of $700 and go all the way to $5,000 in price. Their most premium mountain bike variant will cost you above $5,000, while the most affordable unit will be around $800

Are Giant Mountain Bikes Good?

Giant mountain bikes are produced in Taiwan and have a sizeable market in the United States. The quality they offer is well-received by masses here. Some of their premium models are the best you’d find in the market, while the cheaper units provide excellent value and durability.

The Final Word

With the options we have reviewed here, you can finally get your hands on a Giant mountain bike within your range. The Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1 is one of the most preferred mountain bikes in the market. The excellent performance and components make it our best overall pick. The Trance Advanced Pro 29-1 packs all decent features in one place and provides spectacular performance on steep terrains, making it our best premium pick. The Talon 29-1 offers decent features in its price range. Strong features and affordability make it our best value pick.