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Jamis Xenith Series


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If you are looking to switch to a cycling lifestyle without breaking the bank, Jamis bicycles would be the perfect option for you!

Cycling has become very popular in recent years. People in major cities have started riding bicycles to work to avoid traffic, keep fuel costs down, and get some exercise in the morning. Now there are many brands available in the market with different bicycles that would suit people based on their needs. But it can be difficult to choose sometimes. In this blog, we take a closer look at Jamis bikes for urban use. We review the top 5 bicycles from the company that is currently available for purchase.

Reviews of Best Jamis Bikes


1. Jamis Xenith Series

The newly redesigned Xenith (aka Zenith) bicycle has been a hit with bicycle users. This model has consistently been named as one of the most efficient road bikes of all time. Designers created it from scratch, taking feedback from riders to create something wonderful.

The company designed an entirely new frame and fork fashioned from carbon to come up with a lightweight but sturdy road bike. Five bicycles are available within the Xenith series. These are Xenith LTD (most versatile), Xenith Team (for long cruises), Xenith Pro (for heavy use), Xenith Race (for sporting), and Xenith Comp (for basic urban use).

Each bike in the line features hydraulic disc brakes and thru-axles. Bikes are available in various sizes, including 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, and 61cm.

The main selling feature of Xenith is its lightweight frame. All variants in this category weigh less than 8 kg, with some of them weighing less than 5 kg. You can easily lift it and carry it around when needed.

The main design elements in the frame include the rounded triangular-profile top tube and down tubes, asymmetrical chainstays, and a full-length twin-seat stay. All these systems work together to offer excellent frame stiffness and riding comfort.


2. Jamis Renegade Series

The Renegade series is promoted as the main adventure bicycle by the company. These bicycles are excellent for handling dirt and gravel. They promise complete comfort and ease of riding for off-road biking.

The company has done a great job of making a chassis that smoothes out much of the smaller uneven road surfaces. We took it for a test ride and found that the bike seamlessly glides on as if weriding on a level road.

The company also claims that it can offer a smooth ride over bumpy roads, but test rides showed that it slightly lacks when it comes to really rough surfaces. There is no single component of the frame that absorbs vibrations. In reality, the entire frame and fork seem to be doing this job on the Renegade. It is still a little stiff on some bumps, but mostly comfortable on gravel. A true all day, adventure bike nonetheless.

Jamis offers five material variants within the Renegade series, Renegade Exile (aluminum), Renegade Expat (Steel), Renegade Exploit (Aluminum Steel), Renegade Expert (Carbon), and Renegade Elite (Carbon).

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Renegade is a brilliant do-it-all bike. It is light and tough with great specs and grin-inducing performance.

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3. Jamis Quest Series

The Jamis Quest series in general and the Quest elite in particular is another great bike that has been popular with users for a decade. It is one of our favorite bicycles from the company.

 The Quest Elite is a steel road bike that has a performance-oriented geometry. It is designed for long cruises and lights touring. However, it is also a great choice for anyone who wants a solid, lightweight, comfortable-riding road bike. Its ride quality is often described as ‘stiff but smooth’.

The geo is considered more relaxed than a racing bike, which makes it easier for many riders. The frame is built with Reynolds 631 seamless air-hardened chrome main tubes, size-specific tubing diameters, and sloping top tube design.

It has double-tapered heat-treated stays, reinforced head tube collars, and fender/rack mount eyelets. Interestingly, the fork is made from carbon fiber with forged alloy dropouts. Combining a carbon fork with a steel frame makes for a sturdy yet flexible ride.

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4. Jamis Hudson Series

The Jamis Hudson series is ideal for long urban riders who like to cruise at their own pace. It is the perfect choice for cyclists who value comfort over speed.

The Hudson has been designed as a recreational bicycle. The main purpose here is to have fun and enjoy your riding experience. It requires little physical effort and gives you a relaxed riding experience in a low impact way.

The Hudson is offered in various configurations that can be further adjusted by users. This is what makes it a popular choice for cyclists.

For a start, it offers both standard and step-thru frames. If you usually find it difficult to lift your leg high to get on your bicycle, you won’t have that problem with the Hudson. The step-thru models are very easy to get on or off, quickly and easily.

Do note that step-thru frames are not ‘girl’s’ bikes. The frame is designed to benefit both men and women and there are separate categories with that frame for both genders.

Another feature on the Hudson is that it has a pedal-forward design. This puts less pressure on your legs and gives you a laid back comfortable ride.

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The bike’s upright riding position also lowers the pressure on your hands and gives you a commanding view. Overall, people who are new to bicycling and want to ride casually will find it easy to get used t to this bicycle.

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5. Jamis Nova Sport CycloCross

The Nova Sport Cyclocross is another outstanding entry from the company.  Nova Sport features the Reynolds 631 chrome-moly steel main triangle and taper-gauge chrome-moly steel stays that give it the right blend of stiffness and riding flexibility. The bicycle sings over smooth roads and rough pavement comfortably for the cyclist.

Apart from the steel variant, Jamis also offers the aluminum Nova Pro, Race and Sport bicycles. These are possibly some of the most versatile bicycles Jamis has ever built.

These bicycles work just as well on morning asphalt commutes as they do on local gravel races. It is a perfect blend of power and comfort for the user.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where Can You Buy Jamis Bikes?

Jamis bicycles are sold at more than a thousand authorized dealerships all over the world. You can find a retailer and distributor through the company website as well.

The company doesn’t have a shop at Amazon yet.

Are Jamis Bikes Good?

Jamis is a well-established brand that has been selling high-quality brands for many decades. Their bicycles are quite popular in the US urban centers. They are an innovative bicycle company that listens to customers and have improved their products over time.

They have a good customer service policy and warranty service. Bikes come in a wide range of prices and riding functions. In short, they are a reasonably good company.

Which Jamis Bike Should You Get?

That really depends on your needs. If you are looking for maximum comfort on casual rides, then the Hudson series is the best model. If your route has more off road cycling, you then the Renegade series is a better choice. If you are only going to ride within the city and need something very light than the Xenith series is the best option.

If you have a low budget, then consider the Quest series. Finally, if you want a bicycle with some power and speed, Nova Sports is the best one to go with.

The Final Word

Jamis bikes are well-priced and remarkable for all kinds of use. The Xenith is considered a top performer for road trips while the Quest is favored for its low cost, high value with bikers. If you are looking to handle tough terrain, the Renegade isa top class model.

Casual cyclists will want to go with Jamis Hudson for its casual riding experience. The Nova Sports Cyclocross is the best for riding through the countryside.