Best Jamis Mountain Bikes (Reviews) of 2020


Jamis Dakar A1 Mountain Bike


Jamis Dragon Sport Mountain Bike


Jamis Exile Mountain Bike

Mountain bike riding has become very popular in recent years. Jamis offers a range of mountain bikes that can be a perfect match if you live in a hilly area with lots of climbs and falls.

With mountain bikes, you can get away from traffic and go on an adventure wherever you want. They are great for beginner cyclists who are often reluctant to ride alongside trucks and boy racers in the urban streets. Forest trails and hilly roads are perfect for building basic riding skills on a mountain bike. If you are looking to buy a mountain bike and want to get some options than you may want to go with Jamis. They are a popular bicycle manufacturer with plenty of mountain bicycle models. We look at some of the best mountain bicycles from Jamis that can be excellent for you.

Jamis Mountain Bikes Reviews


1. Jamis Dakar A1 Mountain Bike

The Jamis Dakar is a fantastic ride that performs very well for uphill rides. It has a minimalist frame that simple but quite attractive. The mp2 suspension features a pair of the single-pivot swingarm that absorbs top-tube mounted shock.

Its rear triangle is asymmetrical, with a dropped drive-side chainstay that improves chainring clearance. The angled head-tube is meant to boost stiffness while a threaded bottom bracket (BB) allows easier maintenance. There are ISCG-05 tabs on the bike for a chain guide.

It has a low friction fast black finish and a motion control system. The RL shock provides good control on descents and has a lockout for climbs. This makes the mountain rides a breeze.


2. Jamis Dragon Sport Mountain Bike

This bike may look heavy and old school, but the Dragon Sport delivers an amazingly light and modern ride. Built with a steel frame, the bike is quite heavy and weighs over 30lbs.

It has a cliff-like angle head at the front, and the tapered bars may not look a bit weird. However, it performs very well on cross-country trails and glides through hilly rides for a perfect, smooth ride.

The 2.2” tires give a smooth feel to the ride. The plush fork can smooth out bigger lumps on the ground that the large tires can’t handle.

Sadly, there is no rebound adjustment on the bike so the fork can rattle a bit over rocks or down steps. However, the bicycle is more composed and capable than anything else you will find at its price range.

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The Jamis Dragon is well priced for an X7-equipped bike. It’s too soft and heavy for smash-and-grab technical trails. If you are looking for extra comfortable and confident, big cross-country rides, this is a super-smooth bargain with a real steel feel.

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3. Jamis Exile Mountain Bike

The Jamis Exile Comp is a sturdy aluminum mountain bike that looks more suitable for a city ride than a mountain trail. It comes at a bargain price of $1,100, which makes it very affordable for most riding enthusiasts.

Like all other Jamis bicycle models, it offers far more value than its looks and price tag suggest. It rides very comfortably and gives top control on uphill climbs. The design is compact, combined with an extra-tall head tube, which allows riders to take a very upright position.

Surprisingly, the design doesn’t detract from handling. On our test runs, we were not any slower on the Exile compared to other models in this range category.

On a plus, it is much more comfortable to ride. The bike is also quite lightweight, making it easier to carry around.

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4. Jamis Durango Mountain Bike

The Jamis Durango is an excellent mountain bike with high value, low-cost model. The bike feels comfortable and smooth for both on and off-road cycling. It has hydraulic disc brakes, which improve control and make it very reliable. The fork is not the best, and we’ve seen better forks on other models. However, it is still pretty good, given the low price of the bike.

The Durango offers a nice, balanced ride position that creates a very smooth ride on all kinds of trails. The overall weight of the tires is slightly less than the other models in the mountain bikes category. This helps riders create a more lively acceleration for climbs.

During the test ride, there were times on the steepest climbs when we were thankful for the 34-tooth sprocket on the nine-speed cassette.

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Jamis Durango is the most versatile, do-it-all mountain bike, with a range of component spec and pricing that’s a good match for anyone from casual trail riders to die-hard dirt junkies.

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5. Jamis Hardline Mountain Bike

Last but not least, the Jamis Hardline is another modern mountain bike that has been fairly popular with users. It is a 160mm all-mountain bike that is based on new suspension design. This bicycle offers a better climb while keeping the descend quality as high as ever.

The Hardline is equally good on steep climbs and rocky descents. It has a modern geometry shape, which makes it easy for the rider to find the ideal riding position for any situation.

There are two variants offered in the Hardline series; the $4,000 A1 and the $3,000 A2. The A1 has a partial Shimano XT drivetrain, while A2 has a drivetrain with Shimano SLX parts. Both models have the Shimano M7000 11-speed cassette.

The TRP Slate T4 brakes are slightly cheaper on the A2 while the A1’s Magura MT5 brakes are top of the line.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much is a Jamis Mountain Bike?

Jamis targets a low to middle-income target market. Their regular bikes range from $700 to $6,000 and mountain bikes cost around $800 to $4,500. Prices vary based on techn0logy, features, and specs on the bicycles.

Where Can You Buy a Jamis Mountain Bike?

Jamis mountain bicycles are sold at more than a thousand authorized dealerships all over the world. You can find a retailer and distributor through the company website as well.

The company doesn’t have a shop at Amazon yet.

Where are Jamis Bikes Made?

Previously, Jamis bikes were mostly imported from abroad. The company established some manufacturing facilities in the US during the 1980s. A few of these facilities are still operational.

However, most of the production plants have been moved to China and Taiwan, which are the prime manufacturing locations for parts and completed bicycles.

The Final Word

Jamis is focused on selling affordable bikes, with their prices going as high up as $6,500. Their mountain bikes are great for people who are learning to ride bikes or go on tours occasionally.

Despite being low cost, Jamis bikes offer great performance and riding experience for all kinds of bikers. The Jamis Dakar is the best of the line that offers excellent features overall. If you are looking to go on longer journeys, Jamis Dragon Sport will be more suitable for you.