Kestrel Talon X: Review, Features and Price

Kestrel Talon X is the first aero model that makes a perfect choice for people looking for a race-suitable bike at an affordable price.

Key Highlights: Unique geometry that provides the best riding experience, Low-cost Ultegra line, Excellent tire clearance, Affordable and reasonable price

Manufacturer: Trek

Our Kestrel Talon X Review 

Kestrel Talon X is a premium bike that is perfect for all kinds of terrains. Durable and sturdy, the high-quality bike comes with a Kestrel Super Light (KSL) 800K high-modulus carbon fiber frame. It weighs around 7 kg.

Equipped with Shimano 105 kit and a KSL carbon steerer fork, the Kestrel Talon X provides superior performance and is ideal for people who are looking for a bike for racing or triathlon competition. The Kestrel brand is a credible company that is renowned for its high-quality bike products. Even though the Kestrel Talon road bike is known for its speed, it is also an elegantly designed bike that grabs plenty of eyeballs.

The best-performing bike has 11-speed Shimano Ultegra groupset with Shimano Ultegra STI, 11-speed shifters. It is also equipped with Oval 300, 40/34T crankset and a SunRace, 11-28T, 11-speed cassette. The Ultegra line range is an essential component that helps keep the cost down while simultaneously not compromising on performance.

The seat post of the bike is highly adjustable. It means that the rider will have a comfortable ride throughout. Perfect for racing competition, the bike is equally efficient for casual riding. The bike scores high in adaptability and allows riders to take it to streets or a triathlon-style location.

Kestrel Talon X Compared to Similar Bikes

Frame Design 

All three products are equipped with the best-performing carbon frame. The feel of the carbon frame is similar to Aluminum, which is the standard material used in the construction of the frameset. With the carbon frame, the bike achieves a favorable and impressive balance of lightweight and strength.

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The Kestrel Talon road bike’s frame is lighter than the other two. Its weight makes the bike very easy to handle as well. The bike also has an adjustable seat that allows riders to sit on it comfortably. On the other hand, Speed Concept and Madone SLR 6 Disc Speed both have a carbon frame that lets the bike to perform exceptionally well.

Wheels and Tires

All three products have 700c wheels that make it possible for you to ride it on rough and tricky terrains. The Kestrel Talon X bike tires provide great speed and make it easier for you to ride on hilly or rough terrain. The shock-resistant tires make your overall riding experience even more fun and unforgettable.

The wheels on the other two products also offer great performance. They make it possible to travel long distances with comfort. For comfortable riding, all three products have good-quality and premium bike tires.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike wheels and tires

Other Key Features

The Kestrel Talon X is designed to perform the best in all kinds of road conditions. It has an adjustable seatpost that allows the riders to swap from road biking to aggressive biking easily. It has a sturdy carbon frame that has the power to absorb road shocks, allowing you to have comfortable riding experience. The bike also has an impressive design that makes it a favorite of many riding enthusiasts.

The Speed Concept bike is also laced with high-tech components. It’s fully customizable and is also very easy to adjust. The bike is the fastest in the wind tunnel. The fully integrated handlebar of the bike provides the bike with the most aero, the lightest, and the cleanest front end.

The Madone SLR 6 disc speed is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that give you great stopping power in all kinds of weather conditions and on any type of road. The bike comes with a Speed Concept Mono Bar Extension that you can attach for races – and remove if you’re taking your bike out for group rides.

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Kestrel Talon Features


At $3999, the Kestrel Talon X is more affordable than the other two. But its low price tag doesn’t mean that the bike compromises on quality or performance. The Kestrel Talon is a fast bike that provides consistent superior performance. It is also suitable for long-term usage. The bike comes in a great eye-catching design that will make spending money all worth it. If you are looking for a high-quality bike that is best for beginners, this bike should be your ideal choice.

The Speed Concept bike is a bit expensive than the Kestrel. However, if you look at its performance, you will see for yourself that its price tag is justified. The bike is equipped with sophisticated technology that makes it faster and even better at the performance. The price of the bike is high but close to the affordable range.  

Madone SLR 6 Disc Speed is undoubtedly a great bike with unparalleled performance. It is equipped with the best components. However, the bike is priced at an unaffordable range. This price tag is what keeps people from buying the bike. If you are looking to splurge, you may consider getting this bike.

Kestrel Talon Tires and Wheels

Kestrel Talon X Pros and Cons

Kestrel Talon X is a best-performing race bike that is popular among people for its speed. It is a great race bike, but can also be used for casual rides – including daily commutes, etc. Like every other bike, the Kestrel Talon also has a few drawbacks that you must consider before you buy this product. Let’s begin with the good news and talk about the pros of the bike.

The Kestrel Talon X is a fairly priced bike that has a high-quality carbon frame, which makes your riding experience even greater. The ride quality of the bike is steady and smooth. The bike gives impressive acceleration, and its carbon frame provides a high level of shock absorbance. Since it is comparatively lightweight, it can be carried around easily.

The Kestrel Talon X has an adjustable seatpost that lets you set it up as an aggressive triathlon bike or a standard road bike.

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Even though the bike has many impressive features, some customers have lodged a few complaints about it as well. Some riders had complained that the bike’s stability was compromised when it was set up in the triathlon position. After a rider has driven around 2000 miles, the framework might bear some microcracks. The microcracks in the frame also create the problem of seat-post slip.

The Shimano groupset also adds some more weight to the bike that makes the bike a bit heavier than other Kestrel bikes. The stopping power of the brake is not very impressive at high speeds.

Is the Kestrel Talon X a Good Bike?

While there are so many points that highlight the drawbacks of the bikes, these complaints are not enough to not buy the bike altogether. Kestrel Talon X is a durable bike that is made from superior quality material. It gives the best speed, and it is one of the most comfortable bikes to ride on. The lightweight yet sturdy bike is great for racing competitions and casual use.

The bike promises superior performance and long-term usage. Its impressive features outweigh the few complaints that people have with regard to the bike. The highlight of the bike is its price. So if you want to have the experience of a fast, race-friendly bike, Kestrel Talon is the right for you. The bike is the ideal choice for both professional and semi-experienced riders.