Trek 820 Mountain Bike: Review, Specifications, and Price

Trek 820 mountain bike is a low-priced yet high-value bicycle that is great for beginners. It’s versatile and durable and is best for off-road handling.

Key Highlights: Great design, Front suspension works great, Affordable price, Easy to handle

Manufacturer: Trek

Our Trek 820 Mountain Bike Review 

Are you planning to flex your muscles on off-road bicycling? Are you looking for a reasonably priced yet great-quality bike that can help you on off-road adventures? If your answers are yes, then the Trek 820 mountain bike is great for you. The mountain bike is great for rough roads with lots of potholes and other tricky terrains.

It has an eye-catching black color that attracts plenty of eyeballs as soon as you hit the road. It is also a hybrid between the off-road and street model and is the best bet for beginners who are new to adventurous rides.

The Trek 820 may not satisfy the needs of a professional and seasoned rider. However, it is great for comfortable rides for people who are new to mountain-biking. It has an impressive suspension fork in front that allows you to go up and down the hill with ease. One drawback of the bike is its weight. It is around 34 pounds with no accessories. It is a bit heavy to handle. But if handling is not an issue for you, this bike ticks all the boxes. In this article, we have brought a detailed Trek 820 mountain bike review.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike Compared to Similar Bikes

Frame Design 

All these mountain bikes come with a sturdy and durable frame. The Trek 820 has a custom steel frame that is both durable and sturdy. It can dent, scratch, ding, and even bend but will retain its structural integrity. Steel is built to work for a lifetime.

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The other two bikes come with an aluminum frame. As compared to these two, the Trek 820 frame is better as steel is quite stronger than aluminum. Steel-framed bikes are also able to absorb shocks and other blows on rough terrain. This means that Trek 820 is a perfect choice for rough terrains as its steel frame will provide you with a more comfortable ride.

However, these perks also come with a drawback. The steel frame makes a bike heavy, which may pose some challenges. Even though steel is open to corrosion, it is easy to repair and is durable.

Wheels and Tires

All three bikes have Trek’s Bontrager tires that are famous for their exceptional performance and great design. The tires roll quickly and also have an ample amount of traction in loose and dry soil. For rough terrains, Bontrager tires are the best bet.

The three mountain bikes score the same when it comes to wheels and tires. The Trek 820, however, has a great front suspension that makes climbing down a hill a breeze.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike wheels and tires

Other Key Features

Trek 820 is a good bike that has an eye-catching frame design. It’s its elegance that makes it a hit among beginner mountain bikers who want to bring something new in their riding routine. The bike has an impressive frame and is built of high-quality components that enable it to give the best performance. In addition to this, its rack, kickstand, and fender racks make it easy for riders to customize and accessorize it in whatever way they want, allowing your bike to also function as a rugged commuter.

Marlin 5 and Roscoe 8 also score high when it comes to features. Marlin 5, for example, has internal shift cable on its frame – this is the kind of features that are normally found on expensive bikes. It also has brake hose routing, which makes it easier to protect your cables from different external elements. Some of Marlin models have a curved tube and a lower standover height that makes it easier for short riders to mount and dismount.

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Roscoe 8, on the other hand, has a lockout feature on its fork that allows you to temporarily lock the suspension. This gives you better efficiency on flat roads. The bike’s fork’s Solo Air spring can also be adjusted for specific rider weight.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike review


At $399, the bike is the cheapest among the three options listed above. Keeping its features into consideration, this price tag is indeed a steal. In comparison to this, Marlin 5 retails at $549 – a little over $500 yet still within the affordable range.

The most expensive out of the three mountain bikes is Roscoe 8 that is available at a price of $1,789.

When it comes to features, the Trek 820 is indeed quite expressive. Its performance is still top-notch. Its low price tag is not indicative of any compromises on its quality or performance.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike Pros and Cons

The final question that many people will have now relates to whether it is worth buying the Trek 820 bike. There is no doubt that the bike is made from premium-quality materials and performs exceptionally well. Still, there are a few things that may serve as its drawback. First, it’s quite heavy even without accessories. To make your mind, it is better that you vet the pros and cons of the bike and then decide whether it is the best buy or not. In this section, we have completed the list of pros and cons that we believe are essential to know before you finalize your purchase of the product.



Great eye-catching design

Not many color options

Affordable price

Heavy – 34 pounds

You can accessorize it

Not suitable for professional bikers

Durable tires

The seat is not comfortable

Can work as a street bike and a mountain bike

Not great for extremely rough terrains

Frequently Asked Questions on Trek 820 Mountain Bike (FAQs)

How much does a Trek 820 bike weight?

At 34 pounds, the Trek 820 mountain bike leans towards heavier bikes.

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How much is the value of a used Trek 820 bike?

Since Trek 820 is a cheaper bike, its resale value is also low. A used Trek 820 bike will be sold somewhere around $100 as it comes under the mid-range bikes and doesn’t have many bidders. High-end bikes, however, come with great resale value.

What are the options for Trek 820 mountain bike upgrades?

While you can upgrade as many bike components you want, these upgrades come at a cost. Also, if you are planning to upgrade so that the bike can be used by professional riders, you’re mistaken. The bike is only great for beginners and if you have enough savings for expensive upgrades, you should wait some more time and get a new bike instead of spending money on upgrades.

Is Trek 820 a good bike?

The simple answer to the question is: yes, it is. But it is also important to mention that the bike is only for beginners who want to try mountain biking. While it can be a great companion for the daily commute – to and from school or to and from office – but it is not exceptionally great on extremely rough terrains. If your off-road adventures are limited, this bike will be a good pick for you.