Best Trek Bikes (Reviews) of 2020


Trek Domane SLR


Supercaliber 9.9


Trek Procaliber 9.7

Whether you want to commute, get fit or just explore the countryside, Trek bikes are among the perfect bikes to get the job done.

Trek Bikes is a US based bicycle producer. The company was originally founded in 1976. It started producing steel touring frames in a small shed in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The brand is still based in that city. The first mountain bikes were introduced in 1983 and the first carbon fiber models were launched a few years later. In the mid 1990s, Trek also started producing hybrid and kids’ bikes. Let’s look at some of the top bike models from the company.

Reviews of the Best Trek Bikes


1. Trek Domane SLR

The new Trek Domane SLR 7 offers full-suspension frame, gargantuan clinchers on tubeless-ready wheels, and a steady endurance geometry that isn’t too high on the front end.

The bike is sporting IsoSpeed pivots at the front and rear. It has been designed to flex for vertical compliance like never before. The compliance-enhancing decouplers improve rider comfort and control without detracting from the bike’s pedaling efficiency or handling.

It has wide tires with the fork and frame clearance that can handle them with ease. It’s more aerodynamic than the previous Domane (saving 12 watts at 40Kph). The bike fits a tire that is at least 38mm. The bike has hidden fender mounts and sleek internal storage.

Instead of positioning it as an adventure or an endurance bike, Domane’s geometry and tire clearance are high enough to qualify it as both. This is especially evident in the disc configuration that come with 32mm clinchers and room for more. The Domane SLR is a well-mannered road bike that’s at home on pavement and dirt roads.


2. Supercaliber 9.9

The new Supercaliber 9.9 from Trek features a proprietary 60-millimeter Fox shock which is top of the line in the market. The shock couples the seatstays directly with the toptube to give a smooth ride.

The frame-integrated shock, dubbed IsoStrut, houses the mounting hardware inside the toptube. This helps cut weight and supports the stanchion through the full travel. The unique design helps reduce any deflection or rotation while pedaling and knocks off a whole bunch of material in the process.

It is clear to see that the Supercaliber has been designed to become the ultimate XC race bike. Trek did this by merging the best attributes of a hardtail such as stiffness and light weight with a full suspension that offers amazing traction, comfort and control. Based on our test ride, the Supercaliber comes close to being the best-of-both-worlds machine.

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The Trek Supercaliber is what you wish your XC race hardtail was all about 30 minutes into any bike race. The suspension makes it faster without weighing it down, and makes it one of the best “race bikes” out there.

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3. Trek Procaliber 9.7

The IsoSpeed was initially designed by Trek to improve the comfort of its road bikes. It decouples the seat tube from the top tube, allowing the seat tube to flex more easily for the rider. The result is that less buss is transmitted to the rider from the road chatter.

The idea behind the design is that less systemic rider fatigue gives more energy to the rider for turning pedals. That sounds good in theory and works even better in practice!

The extra techs in Procaliber’s design add a few grams to the frame weight which may feel a little bulky. Still, Trek has managed to produce the one of the lightest bikes in this price category.

The bike is fitted with carbon Bontrager Kovee Elite wheels which guarantee that the Trek is lightning fast off the start line. The wheels also keep the weight in check and roll very quickly when wrapped in 2.2–inch Bontrager XR2 Team Issue tires.

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4. Trek Stache 9.7

Stache 9.7 is a lightweight and speedy hardtail bike. It performs very well if you ride it on the right terrain. Riders who want a cross-country inspired bike to cruise on fast and relatively smooth trails will love its seamless drive.

Stache 9.7 is an excellent option for those embarking on frequent long-distance rides. The fast-rolling, efficient bike is great for covering a lot of ground with minimal effort.

There is a little down side. The bikes monstrous wheels are not designed to cope with a significant amount of corners and tight turns. They might feel too big and cumbersome in tight spaces. Also, the bike is only fit for leveled gravel. If you have to ride on trails with any semblance of substantial rock gardens, you should look elsewhere.

If you look past that, the bike has some very nice components including a RockShox Pike and a GX Eagle drivetrain. You can also get a knocked down version of this bike at $1,889 with Aluminum components.

The bike has short, 420mm chainstays that are designed to make it more maneuverable. The 68.4 degree head-tube angle favors stable descending and some control through tight corners.

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Our Verdict

The Trek Stache 9.7 is a light weight, fast and comfortable carbon fiber hardtail bike. The bike is perfect for long journeys and performs extremely well on a narrow range of terrain.

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5. Trek Domane AL 2

Domane AL 2 is a great choice if you’re new to the road and want a quality road bike you won’t immediately outgrow. Most value-minded riders who are testing the waters of road cycling and want a drop-bar bike that’s an upgrade in feel, speed, and efficiency over a flat-bar hybrid or mountain bike will love Domane AL 2.

It has a Shimano drivetrain with 16 speed shifters. They are integrated into the brake levers, so your hands never have to leave the bars. The wide range of gears makes it easier to ride on different terrains that vary in elevation.

The bike has nicely shaped aluminum frames that are made with good quality components. They offer a vibration-damping carbon fork. The rims are tubeless-ready so you can upgrade to smoother-rolling tires filled with puncture sealant. They are machined for smoother braking.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Trek Bikes Expensive?

Trek bikes are comparably priced to all other bikes. The prices may vary in some areas due to shipping costs. On average, the bikes cost from $850 for the entry level Domane AL 2 to the professional grade Supercalibre 9.9 at $9,500.

Where are Trek Bikes Made?

There was a time when Trek Bikes were manufactured in the US. The manufacturing plants have now been shifted to China, Taiwan and Germany. The design process is still completed at Wisconsin, USA.

Are Trek Bikes Good?

Trek is known for building high quality bikes. The company offers its products at various qualities and prices so you can get the most feature rich bike made from top materials to a basic variant that costs less than a grand. Even the lowest priced bikes are sturdy, comfortable and offer good handling.

The Final Word

People on a budget who want a good racing bike for the long run would find the Domane SLR perfect for their needs. If you are into racing competitions, you may opt for the Supercaliber 9.9 which is optimized for speed.

If you have to commute on long journeys, Stache 9.7 might be more suitable for your needs. It doesn’t go very fast but does offer a smooth, comfortable ride.

Domane AL 2 is the entry level bike that would new entrants will find it easy to get into. Finally, for racers on a budget, the Procaliber 9.7 is the most economical hardtail from the company.