Trek Checkpoint ALR 5: Review, Specification, and Price

The feature-rich, high-quality gravel Checkpoint ALR 5 is the best bike built to roll smoothly on rugged surfaces. 

Key Highlights: Exceptional frameset, High tech features, Great performance

Manufacturer: Trek

Our Review 

The Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 is one of the best gravel bikes out there, famous for its eye-catching design, impressive features, and excellent performance. The bike is your best companion in all kinds of weather conditions and has inarguable the sturdiest and the most durable make. 

When it comes to components, this bike is equipped with the best in the market. It comes with a Shimano 105 groupset with a hydraulic brake that lets it give the best performance. It has a 50/34 chainset and 11-34 rear cassettes, all of which allow you to have a thrilling riding experience. One of the great features of the bike is that it can be customized easily, so if any of its components is causing you any kind of difficulty, you can change it. 

The Trek Checkpoint is a versatile bike that is suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Its aluminum frame looks extremely beautiful. The bike gives you a smooth ride. All the components of the bike are of excellent quality and make the bike premium for long-term usage. The bike can easily be shifted into a road bike, allowing you to use it for your daily commutes. To learn more about the great features of the bike, you can read our Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 review until the end and see why we think highly of the bike. 

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Checkpoint ALR 5 Compared with Similar Bikes

Frame Design 

The three bikes – Checkpoint ALR 5, Crockett 5 Disc, and Boone 5 Disc – are equipped with a premium-quality aluminum frame. This material doesn’t only give added elegance to the bike, but it also makes the frame rust-resistant because of which the maintenance of the bikes is easy and doable. 

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Frame

The aluminum frame is also the reason for the bike’s lightweight. In comparison to the other two, however, the Checkpoint ALR 5 is the heaviest. While the other two – Crockett 5 Disc and Boone 5 Disc – are around 8kg, the Checkpoint ALR 5 is about 10 kg. The weight, however, doesn’t create many challenges regarding the handling of the bike. 

Wheels and Tires

The three bikes have the same set of bike tires that are strong and roll smoothly on rugged surfaces. The bikes go over the bumps and potholes smoothly to make sure that you are not inconvenienced during the ride and that you have the most comfortable riding experience. When it comes to wheels and tires, the three bikes are almost the same and score well. The wheels also give massive tire experience, which gives excellent stability and traction on the road. 

Other Key Features 

In addition to the above remarkable features, the bikes also have other highlights that make them a vital choice for many riders. The Checkpoint ALR 5, for example, comes with a carbon fork that absorbs the hand-numbing road vibrations and lets you ride comfortably. The flat mount disc brakes of the bikes are also more elegant than the traditional brakes and give a more classy appearance to the bike. The ride is extremely versatile and is suited to riders with all kinds of biking needs – such as gravel rides, daily commutes, and bikepacking. To make fine-tuning easier for you, the bike manufacturer has added a horizontal sliding dropout. 

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The Crockett 5 Disc also has remarkable features. Its disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. The control freak cable management is the most versatile and quietest cable management system. On the other hand, the Boone 5 Disc comes with 600 Series OCLV, which means that it has advanced aerospace materials and weight-saving, performance-enhancing technology. 


When you’re buying a bike, the price tag plays a significant deciding role. At $2,099, the Checkpoint ALR 5 is the cheapest among the three bikes. The Crockett 5 Disc sells at a little above this price at $2,399. The Boone 5 Disc is the most expensive and comes with a price tag of $3,099. The prices are within the affordable range and are not exorbitantly high. 

However, if you consider the many features of the products, the price is a steal. For many bicyclists, the above $2,000 price tag could be expensive. But the bike is indeed worth every penny spent on it. It also has a fair resale value, which means that your investment will be safe, and if you’d have to sell it, you’ll get the right amount as well. 

Checkpoint ALR 5 Pros and Cons

Before buying a bike, it is better to thoroughly weigh its pros and cons. In this section, we will have a quick look at the pros and cons of the Checkpoint ALR 5.



Great features

Tires are not big

Durable frame

Heavier than other bikes of the same range

Eye-catching design

A bit slower

Frequently Asked Questions on the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 

How much is the value of a used Trek Checkpoint ALR5?

The Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 has a good resale value. The bike can quickly be sold for a price above a thousand dollars if it is slightly used and in good condition.

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What is Trek Checkpoint ALR5’s tire clearance? 

The bike comes with massive tire clearance. This means that you can use tires up to 45c for extra stability and traction in any condition. 

Is the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 a Good Bike?

The Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 is an excellent bike with exceptional features. It is a versatile bike that makes both causal riding and off-road adventures quite thrilling. The bike comes with a wealth of features. When you keep its price in mind and compare it with the features it comes with, you’d say that the bike is a steal! It’s quite rare for relatively inexpensive bikes to be equipped with so many features. That said, a bike is an excellent option for people looking for off-road adventures and casual riding.