Trek Marlin 5: Review, Specification and Price

Trek Marlin 5 is a high-quality bike for beginners who want to have a thrilling trail experience. It is also a great option for the daily commute and is available at affordable prices.

Key Highlights: Hydraulic disc brakes, 27.5” and 29” wheel, 100 mm of front travel, Excellent for all-round use, Internally routed cables

Manufacturer: Trek

Our Trek Marlin 5 Review

The Trek Marlin 5 is a premium-quality bike that is great for mountain-biking. But this doesn’t mean that the bike cannot be used for daily commutes. The bike comes with an Alpha Silver Aluminum Frame that is durable and sturdy. It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that allow the bike to perform exceptionally well in all weather conditions. Even though the bike is great for all types of terrains, it may not be perfect for extreme terrain.

It has multiple frame sizes and almost everyone can find a bike for themselves. Its rack and kickstand mounts make it quite convenient for people to accessorize it. It comes with a lifetime warranty that makes your purchase secure.

The bike is also affordable, which means that you don’t have to drain your bank account. But this bike may not be suitable for seasoned riders. Beginners, however, can improve their mountain biking skills on it. As stated above, the Marlin 5 is perfectly suited for both daily commutes and off-road adventures. In this article, we bring Trek Marlin 5 review to provide you a detailed view of the bike and how it performs. Have a look:

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Trek Marlin 5 Compared with Similar Bikes

Frame Design 

All three bikes are equipped with an aluminum bike frame, which makes the bike lightweight. These frames are also not vulnerable to rust. This makes them quite easy to maintain and a top choice among riders who ride in wet weather conditions.

Aluminum frames are also stiff. But this stiffness provides the bike with stability when climbing and sprinting. However, this stiffness may create some unease and you may experience an overall uncomfortable ride.  

Wheels and Tire

The three bikes have wide tires. With 29”, the Marlin 5 bike tires are the widest. Wider tires come with plenty of advantages. They are not only faster but also provide increased comfort and traction. Such tires also improve handling and cornering.

Wider tires also decrease braking distances and are generally safer. For a mountain bike, it is better bikes are wider so that they can easily roll over rough terrain.

Trek Marlin 5 Tires and Wheels

Other Key Features

Marlin 5 has plenty of impressive features that make it a perfect choice for many riders. First, it comes in seven different frame sizes. This means that every person will be able to find the right fit for them. In addition to this, the bikes with smaller frame sizes also have short-reach brake levers and narrower handlebars that provide riders with smaller hands better control and increased comfort.

In addition to this, the bike has several features that you will find in high-priced bikes. It has a stylish frame with brake hose routing and internal shift cable that help protect your cable from external elements. Its kickstand and rack mounts make it easy for riders to accessorize it.

Trek Marlin 5 Other Features


The three bikes are priced at an affordable range. The Marlin 5 is available at a little over $500 – at $549. Most mountain bikes come at a price that starts with a thousand dollars. For many people, it gets difficult to invest in such a big amount. When you’re just starting out on mountain-biking, you should get a low-priced yet high-quality bike that gives you high performance.

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The Marlin 5, on that basis, is a great choice. It is equipped with many features that are normally found in expensive bikes and are popular for its great performance. The other two bikes are available at friendlier prices too. The Hook retails at $700 and the Merax costs around $200. For mountain bikes, these prices are a steal. Now you can easily experience off-road adventures without spending a huge chunk of money on bikes.

Marlin 5 Pros and Cons

Are you still confused about whether to buy Marlin 5? It is better to analyze the bike’s pros and cons to have a better understanding of whether the product is ideal for you. Have a look at some of the pros and cons of the Marlin 5.



Hydraulic disc brakes

Wheels might bend

27.5” and 29” wheel options

Not suited for jumps

Excellent for all-round use

Not suitable for seasoned riders

Internally routed cables

Equipped with entry-level Shimano Tourney components

Frequently Asked Questions on the Trek Marlin 5

How much is a used Trek Marlin 5 worth?

Trek Marlin 5 is a great bike for beginners. It has long-term usage and since it has an aluminum frame, it is not difficult to maintain. As a result, the bike remains as good as new for a long time. If you have a slightly used Marlin 5 bike, you can sell it at a better price. Some bidders may even be ready to buy the bike for a price close to or slightly above $400. The bike has a great resale value.

What is the difference between a Trek Marlin 5 vs. 6?

Marlin 6 is a step up from the Marlin 5. For around $100 above the price of the Marlin 5 bike, you can get a Marlin 6 that offers a better fork, lower weight, a 2x drivetrain, and a better groupset.

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Is the Trek Marlin 5 a trail bike?

Yes, the Marlin 5 is an entry-level trail bike that is equipped with great features. Riders who want to explore the mountain or ride on the rugged dirt bikes will find this bike to be a great companion.

Is the Trek Marlin 5 a Good Bike?

The Marlin 5 is an entry-level mountain bike that is perfect for beginners who are still learning what it is to ride on rough terrains and rugged dirt roads. The bike comes with a durable and sturdy frame that makes the bike perfect for long-term usage. The bike retails at an affordable price of little above $500. With this price tag, the bike is indeed a steal as it is laced with so many impressive features. The bike is not just a mountain bike, but it is also suited for daily commutes.

Buying this bike is indeed a wise option for people who want a bike for both daily commute and mountain-biking. The bike is easy to accessorize as well and comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty gives you the confidence to buy the product with ease.